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WTM Solutions is a world-class contract manufacturer with core competence in precision machining and fabrication. Our job shop combines the industry’s most advanced CNC machine tools with highly experienced manufacturing staff. We have accumulated tremendous engineering experiences in international quality requirements across continents. We are capable of comprehensive manufacturing processes from precision machining to metal finishing. We are dedicated to providing the very best manufacturing services to customers on a worldwide basis.

Haas Lean Cell

Doosan Heavy Machining

Tsugami Swiss Turning

Gang-Type Production Line

Robotic Lincoln Welders

Hexagone Precision CMMs


WTM Solutions is a global contract manufacturer with core competence in high-quality machining and fabrication. We have our own world class manufacturing operations in machining and fabricating. To provide our customers with one-stop services, we have also developed a broad manufacturing supplier network through the past decade. Our supply base covers major manufacturing processes such as casting, forging, extrusions, injection molding, powdered metal, and many more. We are dedicated to providing the very best one-stop manufacturing services to our global customers with significant cost savings years after years.

Casting Foundry

Steel Forger

Aluminum Extruder

Laser Cutter

Metal Stamper

Finishing Grinder

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