WTM Solutions provides international customers with high quality, low cost, and reliable products and services around the world. We focus on long-term partnering relationships and closely work with our customers to ensure that we meet their schedules and quality standards, and bring cost savings year after year to their businesses.

Mission Statement

To become the supplier of choice for our customers with products and services which will: exceed quality expectations, arrive on time, and bring year to year cost savings.

T.O.P. People Values

Our T.O.P. people standard defines our culture and ensure we have the right people with the right values:

– Team Work (T): embrace and leverage diverse talents, love and support each other, share and stretched common goals with highest standards of ethics and integrity.

– Ownership (O): a strong sense of responsibility, urgency, and commitment to drive for better performance and faster growth.

– Passion (P): energetic, inspiring, innovative, proactive, and obsessed with winning.


Reduce Cost

We help you outsource your parts and components to achieve savings in terms of total landed costs.

Improve Quality

Our team and process partners have the necessary domain knowledge and industrial expertise.

Expedite Delivery

With professional logistic partners, we provide just-in-time deliveries to keep your operations lean.

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