Repair and daily maintenance of mechanical equipment

Mechanical parts always undertake important tasks, and continuous operation at work is prone to various problems. However, most mechanical equipment is very expensive. Moreover, they cannot be replaced immediately due to failure or damage. Therefore, it is very important to keep daily maintenance and management records of mechanical equipment. It can not only extend the service life of the machine, but also improve the safety performance of the machine. In the context of the rapid development of modern society, mechanical repair and maintenance has also become a popular profession with great market demand.

Analysis of mechanical equipment failures

As a consumable, the equipment will experience greater or lesser wear and tear whether in normal working state or in non-working state. Mechanical wear leads to reduced performance of mechanical equipment, which has become an inevitable problem in the use of mechanical equipment.

At present, the common wear and tear of mechanical equipment mainly includes the following types.

(1) Physical wear. Generally speaking, it is caused by wear and tear during mechanical operation.

(2) Invisible wear. It mainly refers to the wear and tear caused by natural reasons when the machine is not working. Some of these problems are caused by quality problems of the mechanical equipment itself, and some are caused by the external environment. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the various mechanical equipment failures, and then select the corresponding maintenance method according to the type of failure in order to complete the maintenance work efficiently.

Maintenance of mechanical equipment failure

This maintenance method has been advocated by various companies in recent years. It mainly speculates the types of failures that may occur based on the data of the daily maintenance records of the equipment and the situations that occur during actual operation. On the basis of this analysis, an effective maintenance plan is formulated. This effective maintenance plan can not only predict the failure of mechanical equipment, but also reduce the frequency of equipment failures, making the equipment more durable.


Many companies are now accustomed to arranging special personnel for maintenance after mechanical failures occur. A maintenance plan that matches the type and characteristics of the equipment failure is formulated. Due to its high efficiency and rapidity, this maintenance method also guarantees the normal operation of mechanical equipment to a certain extent.

Regular maintenance

This maintenance method is mainly aimed at mechanical equipment with the same degree of wear and the same time interval. After the mechanical equipment has been used for a period of time, scientific maintenance methods and maintenance plans are formulated based on the frequency of mechanical equipment maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment.

Measures for the management and maintenance of mechanical equipment
Daily maintenance of mechanical equipment

Because invisible wear is caused by the machinery and equipment themselves, operators must strengthen the analysis of equipment management and daily maintenance, combine maintenance and repair with the daily use of mechanical equipment, and use and operate equipment in accordance with operating specifications. Record the use of equipment on time, keep track of the use of mechanical equipment at any time, promptly discover and deal with problems that arise during the use of mechanical equipment, and ensure the normal use of mechanical equipment.

Correct use of mechanical equipment

After long-term practical application, the correct use of mechanical equipment must do the following work:

(1) Open and close the mechanical equipment according to the operating specifications of the equipment. The key component of mechanical equipment is the motor. Whether the motor can start and stop correctly is an important factor affecting the service life of the equipment.

(2) Reduce the overload of mechanical equipment. If the workload does not increase without changing the motor speed, the service life of the mechanical equipment will naturally decrease with the increase of workload. Therefore, production tasks should be arranged within the normal load of the equipment to avoid overload operation.

(3) Improve the working environment of mechanical equipment. Under normal circumstances, mechanical equipment is in a complex working environment. There will be greater damage to the precision parts of mechanical equipment. Therefore, ensuring that the equipment has a good operating environment is also a way to increase the service life of the equipment.

Strengthen the management training of mechanical equipment operators

Do a good job in pre-job training for equipment operators, so that they can use the equipment according to the correct machine use rules, make corresponding treatment measures in time, wait for the next step of mechanical maintenance, and reduce the occurrence of equipment failures from small to large.

Pay attention to the training of maintenance personnel

With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading speed of mechanical equipment has gradually accelerated, and the automation level of mechanical equipment has been improved. For engineering machinery, mechanical maintenance requires higher-level engineering machinery equipment maintenance personnel. Therefore, senior mechanical maintenance personnel are particularly important. As an enterprise, maintenance management personnel should increase training efforts, conduct efficient training for professionals according to the development of the enterprise itself, and cultivate comprehensive personnel who understand technology and management, so as to thoroughly meet the supply of relevant professionals for the development of the enterprise.


In short, the maintenance and daily management of mechanical equipment are particularly important. However, the maintenance and daily management of mechanical equipment is a very complicated issue. Not only should the use, daily maintenance, daily repair and daily management of mechanical equipment be done well, but also the upper-level leaders should pay corresponding attention to it. At the same time, it is also necessary to make the equipment maintenance personnel, equipment operators and equipment managers fully aware of its importance and make detailed distribution of responsibilities.

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