Analysis of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Process

With the improvement of scientific and technological levels, mechanical manufacturing technology is also developing continuously. At present, advanced mechanical manufacturing technology has effectively integrated Internet technology, electronic technology, etc., and manufacturing efficiency has been continuously improved, and production quality has been significantly improved. The advanced mechanical manufacturing technology layer includes basic manufacturing technologies that are clean, low-consumption, high-efficiency, and high-quality. The innovation of mechanical manufacturing technology mainly includes CNC technology, robotics technology, clean production technology, etc. Mechanical manufacturing technology can include information technology, management science, new materials technology, etc. In order to better meet the market demand for production technology, the technology and existing manufacturing technology formed to achieve high profits, high quality, high efficiency, promote information flow, and promote logistics distribution include precision machining technology, dry machining technology, etc.

Dry machining technology

In traditional machining technology, a large amount of loss occurs in each type of cutting fluid. This is because when cutting technology is applied, the cutting fluid contains a large amount of additives and chemicals. Under high-speed operation, these substances are likely to be dispersed, resulting in a large amount of resource consumption, increased production costs, and environmental impact. The purpose of dry machining technology is to prevent this from happening by applying scientific and precise methods to the production of dry machining equipment. This is because in the actual application process, the application of drying technology based on laser-assisted machining systems to ceramic tools can not only effectively prevent excessive cutting of cutting fluids, but also effectively ensure the production quality of mechanical manufacturing.

Cutting technology

Precision cutting technology is faster than traditional cutting technology. It adapts to social development, meets market-related needs, can improve the precision of mechanical products, can reduce the impact on tools, and ensure that the precision of products meets the needs. And combined with information technology, it can realize automated operation and ensure the accuracy of cutting.


Nanotechnology is an important new technology research and is gradually being applied to more fields. For modern mechanical design and mechanical manufacturing technology, nano-level processing technology can be effectively applied to the precision level. Specifically, nanotechnology is the main process, and circuit design can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of small parts processing.

Component clamping and positioning

During the machining process of mechanical parts, the production parts should be linked to the production requirements and should be correctly placed in the machine tool equipment. At the same time, the placement of the parts should be adjusted in combination with environmental factors to effectively ensure more efficient and flexible machining of parts during the operation of the machine. In the process of placing parts, it is necessary to further strengthen the positioning of the parts to ensure the accuracy of the machining of mechanical parts, thereby further avoiding damage to the parts during the machining process.

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